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Twice a Baker

Living up to my last name–in the kitchen!

Hello! Welcome to my blog. I decided to start my own after being a lurker on many cooking & baking blogs over the years, scrolling through thousands of beautiful pictures to find just the right recipe before printing it, taping it to an eye-level kitchen cupboard, and getting covered in flour. Now I want to be the one crafting my own recipes, obsessing over the proper plating, and snapping hundreds of photos of my culinary creations. The title of my post comes from a quote I saw on Pinterest earlier…I’ve been thinking about blogging for a long time, but hadn’t done anything about it. That quote was just what I needed though.

My blog’s name is from a funny coincidence: my last name is Baker, and that’s my occupation, as well!

I’m just an amateur, but after I finish the Bachelor of Science degree I’m currently working on, I plan to attend The Art Institute of Tampa and become a full-fledged baker–or chef, I haven’t decided which one yet. After that, I want to open an organic bakery in South Tampa. Sounds like a crazy dream with lots of debt attached, right?! But I’m not worried; it’s all in God’s timing and with His help I can’t go wrong! I am about to start a job at a local organic coffeehouse as their primary baker (with a few assistants that will be training with me) and I’m excited but very nervous at once. I’ll have to work within the bounds of the previous baker’s recipes, but have some freedom to experiment with my own as well (probably weekly or biweekly introducing a new, limited time only item I’ve created).

So I’ve started this blog to motivate me to grow as a baker, to work on my presentation (never my favorite part of baking…honestly, eating is the best part!) and document my journey from live-at-home college student to small business owner. I’d love to have you come along for the ride!


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